Birth center Eindhoven


Viamama offers prenatal and postnatal courses.

midwives, lactation consultants, mamacoaches, sportstrainers

and yoga teachers are working in this center to give you and your partner

a complete preparation for childbirth and  parenthood.

In a nice place in the centre of Eindhoven you can meet other internationals

who are having a baby in the Netherlands.

How do you prepare the expectant parent for childbirth and parenthood?

When you live in Eindhoven as an international, sometimes it can be confusing how things are organized. When you’re pregnant you will discover the dutch pregnancy-and maternity care system is very different from your own country! It is very important that you are well prepared.

This is the reason that Viamama organizes english spoken childbirthclasses. Viamama is initiated and organized by midwives from Eindhoven that cooperate with several other professionals like pedagoges, coaches, yoga-teachers and lactation-consultants. Viamama offers besides prenatal courses, first aid classes, babymassage, work-outs and prenatal yoga lesson. 

Almost all health insurers compensate this course because the midwives are all BIG-certified. 90% of pregnant women receive compensation for pregnancy guidance!

We hope to see you soon!

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